Super Zymes


Super Zymes

A premium nutritional growth stimulant and supplement for healthier crops and yields. A novel formula containing potassium humate and inherent nutrients to optimum crop output. Nutrients are derived from organic matter rich mineral and substances essential for plant growth.


. Influence of Super Zyme on root growth,shoot growth and leaf area was accessed at seedling stage of developme.nt in 3 crops species-maize, soybean and cowpea

. Effective in improving root growth (by 36.9 to 50.5 percent),shoot growth (by 28.6 to 56.8 percent) and leaf area development (by 17.1 to 61.7 percent) in Maize and cowpea at concentration of 1.5 ml per liter and 2 ml per liter.

. Foliar application to the plants at early development stage, were effective in improving plant growth and development of photosynthetic surface area.

Target Crops & Advantages:

Crops like Tomato, Potato, Paddy, Sugar cane, Curcurbits, Chillis, Okra, Cotton, Ornamental flowers, Grapes & other vegetables A novel Formula containing Potassium Humate and inherent nutrients to obtain optimum crop output. Nutrients are derived from organic matter rich in mineral and organic substances essential for plant growth.

Use of Granules increases soil aeration, improve water holding capacity and reduces soil erosion, retains fertilizer in the root zones and releases them to plants when needed, Stimulates root growth, promotes uptake of nutrients and accelerates cell division.

Dosages: Mix 2ml/liter thoroughly in sufficient amount of water and spray on both sides of the leaves.