A novel organic formula based on the properties of eugenol derived from cloves oil and salts of fatty acids to give optimum performance .It effectvely manages mites, mealy bugs white flies, scale insects, thrips and other soft bodied pests. Shooter sprayed at different intervals recorded 80% reduction in insect damage (Rice blue beetle, Rice leaf folder & White backed plant hopper) over the untreated control and 14.25% increase in grain yield.

Application : Mix the required quantity thoroughly in sufficient amount of water and spray on both sides of the leaves/affected areas.

Dosages : 4-6 ml per liter of water.


CROP                                                         PESTS

Chilis                                                           Mites, Thrips, White flies

Cotton                                                         Thrips, White flies, Aphids

Grapes                                                        Mealy Bugs, Mites, Thrips

Ornamental Flowers                                    Mites, Thrips, White flies

Pomegranate                                                                                                                Mites, Mealy bugs, Thrips Brinjal /Cabbage/Okra/Cucumber/                                                                                             Heliothis, Mites, Thrips, Tomato/Other Vegetables                                                                  White flies, Mealy Bugs

Watermelon                                                 Aphids, Thrips

Citrus                                                          Black Flies

Tea                                                                        White flies Mites

paddy                                                          Blue Beetle, White-backed

Plant Hopper, Leaf Folder




India grows the largest number of vegitables from temperate to humid tropics and from sea-level to snowline and they are excellent source of vitamins, particularly niacin, riboflavin, Thiamin and vitamins A and C. They also supply minerals such as calcium, iron besides proteins and carbohydrates. Vegetables are known to be cheapest source of natural protective tools. Most of the vegetables, being short duration crops, fit very well in the intensive cropping system and are capable of giving very high yields and very high economic returns to the growers besides providing better health standards to the people. We at Annapurna have come out with a unique product known as Vegpurna is a concentrated high tech extract of selected and agriculturally usefull microorganisms and ayurvedic plants foliar spray, It is water soluble balanced organic and ayurvedic spry. Metabolic distrubances in plants due to imbalanced absorption of enzymes and chemical nutrients from the soil often lead to poor yields.
Benefits :
. Enhanced growth and setting of flowers, fruits & prevention of premature shedding of flowers and fruits
. Activated photosynthesis in plants & Balanced all round development of plant tissues
. Enhanced capacity of absorption of water and essential soil nutrients by crops
. Enhanced resistance of crops to insects and pests & Improved keeping quality of farm produce
. Increased yield
Dosages : Mix 50ml of vegpurna with around 200 Liters of water for one acre of land.