A unique nutrition supplement based on salt of phosphorus acid to provide nutrition to plants and increases the size of fruits and vegetables as well as build up resistance against several diseases like Damping Off, Koleroga of Arecanut, Wilt & Downy Mildew etc.Crop care is a farm input for better crop care.

Mode of Action: Upon spraying Crop Care , the plants will grow better and will withstand against stress and diseases.

Total Solids: (Comprising salt of phosphorous acid) 40.00% (Min.) w/v
Emulsifiers & Functional media 60.00% (Max.) v/v
Total: 100.00%

Note: The active ingredients are not listed under CIB or FCO. Percentages of active constituents are subject to change or vary depending upon the storage conditions and exposure to heat or sunlight.

Direction of use:

Shake well before use. Dilute 1-2 ml of Cropcare in one litre of water & spray. Repeat the spray once in every 7-10 days.